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Uplift the living standard of community- living below the poverty line, by conducting various activities relating to income generation, employment, capacity building and skill development programs. Organize various awareness programs, health related programs for the enhancement of community health and to protect community people from various deadly diseases as Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS and so on. provide ambulance service facilities to admit the health status of the community. Operate multi purpose informal Education and women empowerment programs to acknowledge children and women in the society. Launch various training, conference, seminar, study-research etc in accordance to meet with the organizational objectives. Launch various programs by considering the principle of GAD and operate different environmental protection and awareness programs to reduce the mounting pollution. Formation of Net Work Group between Social organizations for substantial social development by ascertaining the best work-plan and by implementing it effectively. Maximum Participation of both male and female to increase the awareness level of community to maintain a healthy environment and in the field of human rights. Increase community participation for the identification and mobilization of the optimal volume of local resources. Provide Ambulance service to community people